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Glass Fiber and Carbon Body Parts

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A short series like door with sufficient strength to lean it against a tree, reuses the existing hinges, antiburst lock and with fittings to drop in a series door top that will resist trees and rust seems an attractive proposition?

You are talking about the 4x4 equivalent to a Formula 1 nosecone. You'd have to look at different former and mat combinations to develop a door that can resist side impact and carry the full weight of the vehicle, produce a number of different prototypes and test them rigorously.

If someone was going to part with their cash for such a product they would like to know with certainty if it is capable of doing the job it was bought for.

So you'd have to produce them and sell them with some guarantee and guarantees are expensive.

But on saying that, it's very possible and it would work.

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Wouldn't bonnets be worth making.

This would give a good weight saving as well.

RR P38 with Carbon Fibre bonnet to match Niagara Grey colour

HMMM sounds nice... :D

The problem with composite bonnets is that they sit right above the engine and although the mat is as strong as you wish to make it, the resin that you use to gel them together is baisically a two part plastic. The nature of offroading causes the engine to heat or even overheat on a regular basis. The result, your bonnet may well start to sag and melt. Some sort of heat deflector or barrier would have to be used on the underside to counteract this problem.

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