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Disco 2 V8i on LPG

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I'm already running a Disco 1 on L.P.G. which has been great these past 15 months here in Bangkok, Thailand. Went to see a Disco 2 V8i (2003) model today, and looks the business. However, i've been told L.P.G. on a Disco 2 is a no no, due to the Disco 2 having more electrically items, highly computerised. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

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Don't see why it can't be done, or is even 'more' complicated.

There are injector simulators which can be easily put inline for most systems.

I'm just in the process of fitting a THOR (the D2 V8 motor) top end to my 3.5. I was speaking to www.tinleytech.com (who i have purchased my LPG kit from in the past) to get a mixer for the thor. They mentioned they had converted that engine before.

Speak to them, they are a good & helpful bunch.

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