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300tdi rear radiator

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my recently aquired tomcat has the rad in the back out of the way which is fine,

just put in the engine a 300tdi and need to complete the plumbing.

a) on a std vehicle the head has a little steel pipe which brings water from the pump to the heater box and then circulates back, can i bypass this pipe, and blank of the head return?

B) the oil filter housing has female threads where the pipes go to oil cooler, as mine has had aeroquip hose fit i need to get a connector (double ended male :ph34r: ) to mate the pipes to the housing any ideas on thread?

c) top of the water pump there is something missing? is this a feed in from heater box or cyl head r what, can i blank it off?

cheers in advance


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A -- this can be blanked off as it is the feed for the heater unit, the return runs back to the bottom radiator hose, can't see why you can't blank these off

oil filter head -- the TD & 200Tdi use a double end male fitting for the oil cooler hoses LR part number is NRC8618 sorry no idea of the thread type/size

C -- is the bypass hose connection IIRC when the thermostat is closed during warm up

these 2 diagrams might help

hth :D



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Sorry to contradict Ralph, but the heater on the 300 is fed from the rear of the cylinder head then back into the top of the water pump housing.

I wouldn't just blank these off as it could impede the water flow through the cylinder head.

On my last trialler, i just cut about 2 inch off the end of the metal hose that runs along the top of the head and used a 90 degree bend to link that pipe into the outlet at the back of the cylinder head, never suffered any problems with that setup.

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