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SORC Drumclog weekend

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OPEN EVENT!!! We'll be welcoming members from other clubs to Drumclog for a wee Treasure Hunt/Challenge type event!

There will be punches hidden around the site and you'll be required to not only find them, but to get your car close enough to punch the card attached to your vehicle... Sounds easy, but there are various reasons why this might prove hard! It may be well hidden, awkward to get to, or downright impossible! The event is planned as a multi-level event with green, red and black punches to be achieved.

Green punches will be for everyone and will be easier (well, I'll say now, that is the plan, don't hold me to it by the end of the day!)

Red will be for RTV prepared motors - greens may attempt these if they wish but must understand it is solely their decision and they should be aware damage is possible.

Black are for well prepped motors and the odd eejit in the red class who has left their brain at home! Green vehicles are not permitted to attempt Black punches but might find watching someone else try it entertaining enough!

Entry - £25 per vehicle, members of other MSA clubs are welcome (it would be great if you can tell us if you're coming, what vehicle you have, what class you're likely to be in, etc so we can make sure we have enough of the appropriate coloured punches! drumclog@divetech.org)

Times -

08.30 - 09.30 Scutineering and class division

09.50 - 10.00 Driver's briefing

10.00 - 16.30 Go get the punches!

16.30 - 17.00 (hopefully long enough to recover Michael Robertson!)

17.00 - Prizegiving and social chat before the BBQ is lit!

23.00 - Lights out (haha, well, it looks good!)

There will be camping on the Friday and Saturday nights - which leads nicely onto the RTV the following morning! Contact contact-person: Graeme Barrie (SCUBA) Email: drumclog@divetech.org

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