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Front wheel camber - what's bent then?

Guest otchie1

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Guest otchie1

Something's bent or worn but where to start looking?

Steering wheel is 10 deg left hand down.

OSR wheel is cambered in (top in) by 6mm at the rim.

OSF wheel is cambered in (top in) by 10mm at the rim.

NSF & NSR are near enough true to vertical.

She steers easily to the left but is less lively going right :rolleyes:

There's a few degrees of play at the steering wheel but nothing excessive and she doesn't pull either way.

Seems to have lost a lot of castoring effect with a definate requirement to steering out of a corner.

Just noticed it after replacing wheels and tyres all round, original OSF tyre was so heavily worn on inner edge that it was obvious to see.

Front dampers look newish, steering damper is new, wheels and tyres new and straight.


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Guest otchie1
check all the bushes in the radius arms/trailing arms & panhard rod,

I'll do that tomorrow now as its forecast to rain shortly.

Am I likely to get away with just bushes if they're worn? I had visions of bent rods.

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Guest otchie1
new bushes will fix replace any suspect ones, check the steering rods in front & behind the axle too, maybe the rear track rod has a slight curve in it.

Thanks Western. They were on my list of things to replace anyway (along with everything else) so I'll bump them up to 'next job' or maybe farm it out to someone with a press as their task-of-the-day.

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bushes won't affect camber, loose/buggered wheel bearings, loose swivel bearings or something bent will, as specs are 0*.

Having said that, lots and lots of Landy's run around 1* negative camber (including mine) without any worries and everything tight.

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