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P38 blend motor differences ...


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Hi , I am in the process of replacing the drivers side temp blend motor the replacement I have is a different part number and appears to be for the recirculation flap , it only has 2 wires whereas the original has 3. I took them both apart and the original has a resistor and additional cog. I read on a website somewhere that the motors are interchangeable but after seeing that this only has 2 wires would it cause a problem ?

many thanks

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Yes, the resistor gives the positional feedback to the ECU. The two wire devices are for the recirculation flaps, these are either fully open (admitting only external air), or fully closed (admitting only internal air).

The blend motors and the distribution motor have 5 wires, not 3.

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thanks again David , I could only see 3 wires on the old one , I guess the other 2 go under the pcb . btw .. I read your article on the heater o rings , it was a great help as I decided whilst I had the dash etc apart I might as well do them.



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