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Tyre size

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It's time for new tyres. :D

I'm currently running General SAGs radials, and I don't think much of them. In the wet, it goes sideways at roundabouts, locks up under braking, and is generally not much fun at all.

Offroad, they are ok-ish, but they don't clear mud very well at all.

So, I'm thinking of Generals AT2, and hoping to get some wolf rims, to increase the offset.

So, what size should I get with a 2" lift?

many thanks!

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Your standard size is either 235.85x16 or 265.75x16.

These 2 sizes are very similar in diameter so if you add a 2" lift and don't get a larger diameter tyre

then you will have a lot of empty space in the arches.

I would suggest 255.85x16 or 285.75x16.

Cooper tyres do a reasonable range of tread patterns in these sizes. If not then

there is the BFG-MT.

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255/85's are probably easier to obtain, got these in bfg mt's on my 110 :D

Thanks guys. Will see what my local supplier has, and if not will have to get them mail order :(

I assume all will fit wolf rims? Ralph, you've them don't you?

Also, should I be fitting tubes or not?

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6.5 is the rim width, the J is IIRC the well profile, any wider the tyre will not seat correctly & you'll get a pinched in look, not good for the tyre or you.

wheel technical & More

Thanks Ralph. :)

So, I guess the J determines if a tube can be fitted or not.

Looking at wolf rims online, I only see one type, and it doesn´t mention tubed or not.

I can get 3 s´hand locally, so will need to ensure the 4th is the same, where ever I get it from. :unsure:

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FWIW, 255/85R16 on modulars, have a better turning circle than on wolf rims due to the offset. I've used both on my 90 and noticed the difference.

correct but dont forget Wolf rims are designed to curve in more (ie less off set) to provide protection for the caliper etc which is important in deep mud/bog.

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I put Cooper STT 285/75 R16 on Zu rims on my 2" lifted 110.

I like the way it looked, I had 265/75 R16 on previously, but I thought it looked far too high under the wheel arches.



Looks great - how does it handle now compared to having more 'standard' rubber on it?

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