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Indicator Warning Lights

Mo Murphy

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Morning Chaps,

Two quick questions for you -

The current warning lamp module is the original '86 version with a single shared indicator warning lamp and the trailer warning lamp which also acts a the hazard warning lamp.

Where in the system can I pick up separate L and R feeds for a later warning lamp module with R and L indicator warning lamps.

Since I don't use a trailer, I shall plug the trailer/hazard straight onto the hazard lamp in the new. Anyone foresee a problem with this ?



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Guest diesel_jim

On the back of the flasher unit, you need to pick up the separate left and right feeds, some units may have a separate output just for the dash lights, but looking at RAVE, it shows that the dash LH and RH lights are piggybacked off of the main feed to the indicators themselves,

sooo.... you need to look for a green/red (main green with red tracer) wire for the LH lights, and green/white for the right.

just connect each of these through a bulb, then to an earth point.

trailer warning light is light green/purple

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