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Am looking at ways of securing Hi-Lift, Shovel etc into the truck. Since it's an 80 the load bed is slightly smaller than a postage stamp so the only way to fit these inside the vehicles is to the rear cage stays. I was thinking of using the Quickfists from Xeng but having a look this morning these need bolting down? That'd be fine except i really need some secure but temporay measure for the summer as I'm planning on sorting out the back this winter, probably including relocating the fuel tank and a few other jobs. Does the panel know of a "double quickfist type thingy that i could attach round the stays and then fit the jack/shovel to?

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Why not just bolt two together back to back? Can't think of any 'double' type clampy things though...

just been looking at them again and waswondering if this would work. Has the added advantage of once i have finished sorting the truck I could re-use them

must engage brain before posting, my excuse is low levels of coffee

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Velcro (or even Velco :) ) would work - but tends to get a bit bunged up with mud.

Quite a few people have secured a pair of QF's together with either a small hose clip or big cable tie for pretty much that purpose.


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Interesting, where did you get them?

Er..... I Um............borrow them from work!

You can get em from RS, CMS etc etc basically any decent data cabling suppliers. Probably most elcetrical factors will also keep them. We use them for Cat6 cabling since you cant use ordingary zippy ties on Cat6.

CMS are here.

Tehy do eventaully get bunged up with mud, grass etc etc but I just replace them occasionaly as they're so cheap!


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My hi-lift is secured to the roll cage back stay with U clamps with a M10 bolt welded to each and wing nuts to secure the jack to the bolt.

Quick and secure.

I have lots of QFs in my landy but I don't think I'd like to rely on one to hold the jack in place which is why I didn't use them for that purpose.



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