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RRC and Disco 1 ABS systems...


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As the title really!

I'm in need of two things:

1st is the ABS solenoid set-up from under the bonnet (on top of the drivers side footwell/inner wing) and 2nd is some extended brake lines.

Mark has managed to source the brake lines and I'm in the process of sourcing the solenoid, but would like to know if I can broaden my search area by including Discos??? :huh:

Will they all fit together to make an ABS system that works and the MoT man will be happy with, rather than one that works, but has no 'start sequence' on the dash-board light :ph34r: ??



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Might be worth talking to jules on here, he has a complete(nearly) RR LSE, with ABS,

that he is braking(bad pun)

I had the wiring from the OSF ABS sensor, after i had ripped it in two due to an errant piece of rebar around the axle.

I did notice however that the ABS had minor differences, even though my hybrid is an ex 1990 RRC and jules LSE is a 1993 ish truck.

He is based just outside Southampton.

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I think later ABS systems might be the same, early RRC ones are very definitely not (anything with the type with the silly electrical pump instead of a vacuum servo). The early type best belong in the bin anyway.

The modulator unit on Discoverys is on the passenger side I think, which suggests there are other differences. I'm guessing you'll need matching modulator, ECU and wheel speed sensors at the very least, for it to stand any chance of working properly.

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I asked this question a while ago and the answer I got was no. Can't remember any more detail than that though :blink::blink::lol: .

Still, I've got 12 months before I have to worry about my ABS....... :P:P . Working beautifully at the moment - it is amazing what an axle rebuild will do!

Right, that's the kiss of death on my ABS. I'm off to hide under a rock. :ph34r:

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Bish - I've done an axle re-build on the front following my early exit from Seven Sisters in March, but the fault light is still on (when the bulb is in!!!) so I guess it hasn't solved all the problems. The solenoid is still knackered, I think.......it works, but it tells me it's knackered!!

Corrode - I spoke to Jules some time ago, but I feel some more communication is in order. Ta for the reminder!!

BogMonster - mine is a 1992, therefore I don't think I need to worry about the difference between the vacuum/electrical differences. Ta for the heads up on the other stuff, though!

I feel a little more digging is needed. Hopefully with the aid of a 'new' solenoid unit, I might be able to leave the bulb in at MoT time!!

Probably safer not to, though, cos that will be the day it goes wrong!! :rolleyes:

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In honesty we haven't cleared it since the axle rebuild, but I feel the solenoid fault will still be there even if the sensor faults have been cleared!!

I think a short piece of wire will be getting used again soon!!

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I had 14 "faults" registered in my system.

The only real one was a sensor out of range - pushed it back in and all was fine and dandy. It did take rather a long time to discover that though!

Definately worth clearing the faults again IMHO.

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