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Welding classes


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I have been thinking of doing evening class in welding at local tech coll.

Would I be best going for MIG or TIG or something else?

At the moment I have no kit bit if I got on OK at the classes would consider purchasing. Just not sure what would be more appropriate for home LR welding.

Any suggestions would be most welcome



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I would recommend doing a MiG class. It is the easiest of the various disciplines to pick up intitally, and should let you do pretty much everything you need to do on a land rover, until you get into exotic materials or really thin panel work...

I did a class that was 50/50 Gas and Mig. The Gas stuff was good, and I learnt a lot, but don't have a gas setup at home.

I bought my Mig after doing some classes, and really, the classes were just a safe way of getting into the whole game. the skill comes with practice....



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What he said - defo don't start with Tig welding, its the hardest and takes the longest to get anywhere with (trust me... :rolleyes: ).

Mig is more 'practical', in terms of land rover building and repair - and fabrication work in general. Its also cheaper, far less 'fussy', and gives a vaguely useful start to learning Tig later on, if you should choose to. If you decide to buy a mig - look on here (search) for threads on what to look for in a unit (or buy mine, shortly to be for sale :D ).

Good luck!

Al :)

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Thanks Guys

That all makes great sense and was what I thought, but thinking from a zero knowledge base isn't always that reliable!

I will get the course booked and see how I get on.

Then I may consider purchasing kit.

Thanks and best wishes


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