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angle grinder spindle wotsit

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Slight problem. I have lost the threaded nut/washer thing that retains the disc onto the spindle on my grinder, I took it off ages ago to use a wire brush on the grinder, and now I can't find it :angry: turned the bluddy garage upside down several times but despite the spanners (which must have been used to remove it) being exactly where they should be, no sign of the nut :angry:

It's an M14 thread which appears to be the standard on almost all 4.5" grinders, anybody know if you can buy spare ones anywhere? I've found an ordinary M14 nut and washer to use but I don't think it goes on far enough to be safe with anything other than the really thin cutting discs. Don't want to chuck the grinder as it works perfectly well and the only new grinder I can buy round here at the moment is nigh on £100 which doesn't appeal!

Or alternatively if somebody has a b*ggered 4.5" grinder with an M14 spindle nut going spare ... you might get some beer tokens for it instead of throwing it away ;)

Ta :)


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He lives a penguins dropping away from the bluddy Arctic circle! The nut thingy is 40pee and postage is £500 :D


Hmmm methinks there must have been some substantial tectonic activity if I am close to the Arctic circle :lol::o:unsure::rolleyes::huh::P

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