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Front Recovery Points


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I was planning on fitting recovery eyes like these but i only appear to have two bolts on the bumper? Should the other holes be there or do i need to drill them? If so which way round?


Another alternative, though i'm not so happy about this would be to use the holes already drilled in the centre of the bumper for a pin type tow hitch. In this case i would use spreader plates front and rear and the holes would need to be tubed. Do the tubes need to be welded in place. My understanding is they are there to prevent the bumper collapsing in as the bolts are tightened so i do not see why they could not be loose?


All I'm aiming for at the moment is the simplest solution. Longer term I'll be aiming for a purpose built bumper

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I have the D-Rings like those on my IIA:


The front holes were already drilled in this bumper, but seemingly in the wrong place! Normally you would have to drill them anyway. Most of the force goes through the back two bolts, the fronts are mainly there to stop it twisting.

On the lightweight, I had a nato hitch on the front bumper, in the same place as your holes are drilled. On a Lightweight however, there is a pice of angle iron welded between the dumbirons, and I still used an 8mm spreader on the front and a 10mm one on the back:


Personally, with your truck, I would go for the D-Rings, and use a bridle between them...



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Cheers Mark,

The D rings are my favoured option but i assumed (foolishly) that they would fit existing holes. As it would seem I was wrong - again - I'll go that way. The holes were always a bit of a backup and I wasn't convinced there would be sufficient strength in the bumper


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