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Slipping 200 TDi clutch

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Good evening all. I have a bit of a puzzler here.

We had a new clutch fitted about 6 months ago, new pressure plate, new friction plate, thrust bearing and actuator arm.

So far so good.

We went and did a play day on sunday, and the truck drove fine there. On the way back, the clutch was slipping under load.

I checked the bite point adjustment and bled the clutch system. No difference. Removed the drain plug, nothing.

OK, bite the bullet time, split the gearbox from the engine and pulled the clutch pack out. No contamination, no real wear on the friction plate either, just some light scoring.

What do I check for next????


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mine did that recently, after a slave hose & master cylinder change, it just got worse, took it back another clutch fitted & still slipped, did it with Les H's help, been fine since, probably a duff friction plate or contamination of some other stuff. fit a new valeo ftc1994 friction plate, see the 300TDi clucth thread

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