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Clack Clacking from the cat


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My passenger side cat seems to be clacking while idling and letting up on the gas, sounds like its being hit lightly with a hammer. When i give it a bit of gas in neutral or in park with foot on brake, it goes away, then comes back as the engine settles back down to idle.

Is this the sound of a dying cat? :unsure: cant tell if the shields have come untacked from eachother

She's a 92 SWB 3.9 american spec.. and she's a pig.

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Hi Nubtoes,

Can't kelp with the dying cat sound since I never had anything new enough to have one :lol:

(I could have said that the last cat I heard dying under my motor went "yeeeowllll....THUMP!" but I thought that would be insensitive...)

What context is she a pig? Loves the mud? Is ugly? You hate it? You love it? Consumes too much? Has a curly tail? :rolleyes:

Somebody will be along soon to answer your questing in a sensible, informative and mature way - what a shame I got here first :)


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As Bish says, sounds like the internal baffles have broken free and rattle every time there is a change in pressure, or a 'lumpy' flow through the system. If you choose to replace the cat, it'll be very dear - you could always see if there are any breakers with known good ones...

The other option is to not replace it and put a straight pipe in. The MoT man might get a bit suspicious, though, when one side has one and the other doesn't!!

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Think you'll find both cats are part of the y-piece, so if you lose one you lose both. In any case, removing one or both isn't a problem for the MOT provided you still pass the emissions test. If it passed last time it'll probably pass quite happily without them - it's highly unlikely your cats still do anything much!

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