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Guest dew110CSW

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Guest dew110CSW

If I was to move my numberplate, would I be legally allowed to drive the OneTen without a front bumper?

Just asking as I managed to scrape a wall parking it yestaday and nicely took the layer of paint off the corner, and instead of just hammerite on it I thought I'd strip the whole lot down and repaint it.

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A front bumper doesn't have to be fitted to a vehicle unless it's a safety device as in some Volvo's. There is also the consideration of sharp objects/corners sticking out, lights that have to be on the vehicle that are in the bumper. No problem with your truck. You can remove the bumper and relocate the number plate to the front griller or somewhere else where it's highly visible.

When temporarily fitting a number plate elsewhere - be aware of vehicle identity theft for speed camera and othert offences which might come back to you.


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