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pedal lock, which one to get?


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Depends really - personally I am of the opinion that if someone wants the vehicle that badly they will have it away no matter how many locks/alarms you put on it - there have been so many posts where people's alarmed & immobilised vehicles have disappeared from their driveways while they sleep without a sign of a struggle.

Most of those devices seem to inconvenience owners more than they do thieves :unsure: just make sure your insurance is paid up. TBH the only two things I would seriously consider are a tracker (so you stand a chance of finding it / knowing it's moved ASAP) and CCTV pointing at where it's parked (then you might actually be able to identify the scrotes who took it).

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If they want it, they'll take it. Cover it in dents and undermaintain it so nobody wants it - my plan.

well, they took my neighbours' 90 to drive it into a shop 1 mile away... so far for the keep-it-denty strategy :angry: (mine is denty :D )

and in that case a tracker doesn't help either. They found his 90 back, still sitting half in the shop (and completely destroyed, they first had to drive through those protective concrete poles they install in front of shops these days)

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