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Thinking of selling

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Hi everyone. I may be looking to sell my faithful 90 soon to raise some money towards a house (doh!). I would appreciate any input on what you think it may be worth (bit ambiguous i know).

1987 (E) cream 90 9 months MOT and tax

300 TDi professional conversion (RJ Harvey) (approx 100000 miles on engine ex Discovery)

Recon Ashcroft gear and transfer box 3 40000 ago

Nearly new BFG 265/75 Mud terrains and unused BFG all terrain spare

Husky superwinch uprated bowmotor, bumper, a bar, hella lamps

Bilstein Heavy Duty shocks, steering damper and Famous Four standard springs

Exmoor seats

Mobile storage systems cubby box

Mantec rear wheel carrier and window security guards (side and back door)

Black c/plate wing and bonnet protectors

Sump guard

Crystal headlamps and all round lens protectors

Loads of other bits and pieces (rear work lamps, mountney steering wheel, bush wires, storage boxes etc)

She has been very well maintained by RJ Harvey and myself with a file full of receipts, mots etc. The bulkhead is starting to go but i have a brand new one in the shed for her and a heater. Paints a bit tired in places but overall its very straight especially given its 20 years old. Would post a photo but i'm thick, could email to someone though.

I was thinking of between £3500 - £4000 what do you think. Thanks for your help. Gareth

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use the attachment facility below the 'add reply' box to load a photo direct from your pc, use the grey browse to find the photo, then click open in the window that opens, then click upload, then add reply below the 'post icons'

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I dont think we get anywhere near the money back when we sell our modified vehicles, its its rare to find someone who wants to simply buy a modified vehicle off the peg (most of us seem to want to tweak and add to our own designs).

I used a spreadsheet to see if the vehicle (I had a Disco) is worth more as parts sold off on Eblag or as a whole vehicle, sadly it was worth more when taken apart than I was offered as a complete vehicle.

If your not averse to taking your price and joy apart (and have kit and space) then you might be surprised as to its worth, but it does take longer to get your money and its hassle to photograph all and then list...

I have passed your details to a mate who is looking for a complete 300tdi, so you might be getting a PM from someone in Kent soon

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