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Determining Gearbox Type

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I'm back onto my re-build and I have a question for you guru's,

The previous owner had the 4 spd replaced with a 5 spd, now my question is how do I tell the difference other than shifting patterns <_< I've pulled the pn's off and I can't seem to find the complete assembly or serial # anywhere...Is there a specific place it should be?

I know this sounds pretty bad but it is my first Land Rover and I'm attempting a complete rebuild :blink: from the ground up and this seems like a "small" detail worth knowing

Thanks Tracy

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Mark Powell in Dubai has a fully rebuilt LT85 box in Dubai that needs a single gear replaced. It was fully rebuilt using lots of new parts and then dropped a single tooth after 500km.

He's in UK on holiday at the moment....but I know it's going for a song....he sold his 110 and it's just sitting there now.


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Thanks for the heads up, my gearbox is ok, i was just having a bit of a time trying to figure out all the differences and the on LR manual isn't the best reference, I do know some pople in Canada who might be interested, we're in the process of sorting out importing a whole whack of used/new spares into canada.


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