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As is my way, I have been looking at what's around on the market as I contemplate (as always) updating my 110 and I wondered what would be the preference; A low milage late 300tdi Defender or a high milage early TD5 Defender? I have found two such vehicles which are of very similar prices.

Your thoughts.


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If it were me, I'd go the 300Tdi route.

A number of reasons:

1. You appear to live relatively remotely, so it would / should be easier to fix.

2. You won't need to buy that computerised electrical download doodah if you're serious about home repairs.

3. Veg oil compatible.

But, as always, buy on condition. Any pics to give us a better idea?

Anyway, why change? What are your reasons?

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I agree with your thoughts and as a reasonably competent home-mechanic the thought of having to deal with all that fangled modern electrickery fills me with dread. None the less, in the course of my work I am required to cover a lot of kms in the 110 and much as I love my 200tdi and its unfailing reliability I sometimes wonder whether the TD5 would be just that bit kinder on the ears and nerves particularly on long motorway journeys (7OOkms a day is not unusual). I also wonder whether a late 300tdi with the R380 box would be quieter or indeed faster than the 200.


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