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Lost in Wales


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Hello everyone, a new cafe has opened up here in Wales which offers free internet wifi with your brekkie, so I thought I'd break my enforced silence and say hello. The cafe is called Dylans on the A40 between Llandovery and Llandiello. Good breakfast and free net, yahoo. I've been working on the gas pipeline that's been on the news and the old disco has been put through her paces here, what with the dodgy weather and all. Found a good mechanic here who has done 2 6000 mile services for me, fitted the new suspension parts I never got round to fitting before I left and looked after a couple of problems that came up as they do. I've only been bogged and had to be pulled out twice after fitting BFG all terrains, but I've been getting out and walking a lot because they clog up too quickly. You learn by your mistakes, mud terrains next year. Had my aircon (con being the correct word) fixed yesterday. I used the microcat to get the part number of the pipe I needed and ordered it- £107.21.......Yikes. Plus VAT. I think it's gold plated on the inside! It's the one that used to have the little sight glass in it below the coolant reservoir. Anyway, got it sorted and now I'm as cool as a cucumber. Got to go now as I've got to go back to work. Hope you're all well. Keep on truckin. DD ;)

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