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Brake Pipe flaring tool kit


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I've got this cheap flaring kit. It comes from various sources and under various brands, mine is branded Laser. It is cheap and a long way from the 'pro' kits but after a few practice flares I've had good results with it. First time I used it I had about 80% sucess rate with it but then I'd never done any brake pipe flaring before. Last time I used it to re-pipe the rear axle on my 90 it was 100% sucess and no leaks.

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Does anyone have any other type of flaring tool. I can't afford a £100+ 'pro' model, but i'm reluctant to pay for a Machine Mart one which may or may not be rubbish.

Anyone used one like this?


I have one like that and it works fine. I suspect if you were using it commercially it might wear out quite fast but for the occasional use I put it to it's fine.


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machine mart one as well!

Which looks the same thing as the one in the blue box which is also marketed under the Sealey name.

You will find that most of the smaller ones are usually described as suitable for copper, brass and thin walled aluminium pipe. The one shown in the link above above only refers to copper pipe in its ads.

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And sadly I can recomend the sykes pickavant one, it a fabby job, and with the extar punches you can do brakes clutches (bigger pipes) and all sorts of whizzy flanges

Not that you wanted to hear this, but is was around the £100 mark

I decided if I was going to kake my own brake pipes I wnated them to be 101% good and quality ends :)


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I've got one of these and it cost less than £20, so NER :rtfm:


Les. :P

Les, that was one of the finest hand flaring tools ever made ..............although the handle you have on there is not the original............ I guess that haven't been produced for maybe 20 years or more .................

Rarely ever do they turn up at auto jumbles or boot sales ................ I gave up looking after 2 years of hunting



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Another vote for the Franklin - great in tight places which meant much less stripping when I last used it on the Pug 406. Officially this was a tank-out job but with the aforementioned Franklin I was able to make a good flare in Kunifer right up by the fuel filler pipe. Lovely job.

Price was around £70 when I bought it, but they have gone up a little now, see eBay item 200187209465 which is £82.50 inc postage.

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