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Hole Saw


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I remember seeing it a while ago on the forum but the search button isn't helping me much today. Some one posted up price and location along with a pic.

If it was you can you repost please

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Guest diesel_jim
I have 20-25-52mm holesaws

Jewsons have a decent set on offer at the moment

I've got a set of holesawa too, in a box called "the electricians toolkit", just holesaws for all the usual diameter conduit and cable glands.

Mark, you want me to stick one in the post? just send it back when yer done?

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Screwfix and Axminster Tools sell them, or do a google products search for 'cone drill' rather than saw etc.

I would not recomment the screwfix cutter; The stepped on did about 2 holes then died (admittedly it seem thye have changed the part as now it is coloured yellow but still...).

these sell for about £ 25 so if you find one for a tenner, you need to ask yourself why that is? (as I found to my cost :angry: )(

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