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Front and rear hub grease/oil leak - 200TDi

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On my Defender 90 200TDI 1993, I guess this is probably a simple dust cap change but wanted to be sure.

Both one of the front and one of the rear hubs are leaking on the outside of the hub onto the outside of the wheel rim. See picture for details of the front grease leak:


I know the previous owner had put swivel grease into the front and it looks like grease coming from behind the polyurethane "hub dust seal" on the front.

On the back looks like oil is coming out, again on the outside of the wheel rim and looks like its just coming from the "hub dust seal" not the "5-bolt paper hub gasket".

Topped up the rear diff recently so know it is to the correct level. Does rear axle oil really go all the way to the dust seal on the back??? or is it grease coming out I wonder?

The insides of boths wheels look find, hence guess it is not an inner oil seal?

Is it a simple case of just replacing the polyurethane "hub dust seals" on all the hubs to stop the leak of oil and grease onto the wheels.

TIA, Jon.

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take the caps off, wash them & examine for splits, if damage is found just replace with new items,

if yours have a lip moulded in at the hub end, they are not the right parts for your vehicle, you need the other version FTC943 for vehicles with disc brakes on all 4 wheels, looks like you have the earlier FRC4377 for rear drum braked vehicles fitted.

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Thanks, yes the rear hubs have drum brakes. Is it the same part number for the front and the back?


Yes, same number for both axles FRC4377, while you got each one off, just make sure the groove on the driving member were these caps clip into is clean, if their not seated correctly it'll let oil/grease out again, had a similar problem with my left front one recently.

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