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propshaft problem

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Hi all i need some advice please , my 1991 90, started to make a rattle sound , but almost a squeeking noise lol, i first thought ah belt slip, then when i studied it more it was defo metal sounding, upon checking underneath , the short shaft that goes from the transfer box to the front axle seems to have pulled out slightly, and i have developed a slight oil leak, i know the previous owner did a lift and put procomp , shocks springs etc, and i am thinking this may be because the shaft is standard???(if that makes sense) any ideas or suggestions to resolving, only i need it everyday to get my fish to market and at the mo, i have no transport meaning no job help!!!! plz lol :D :D

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the short shaft that goes from the transfer box to the front axle seems to have pulled out slightly

If you mean the sliding joint in the propshaft, then this is supposed to move in and out as the suspension goes up and down anyway and is nothing to worry about.


If you can grab either side of the joint and rotate one end of the propshaft relative to the other, then the splines (visible on the top picture) have worn. The more usual failure is the universal joint (UJ) on either end, these are easy enough to replace with a press, a vice, or if you're Jon W, hammer #5 :lol:

Since you sound new to all this, I'll take the opportunity to point out that there are (or should be) three grease nipples on each prop - one above the sliding joint and one on the side of each UJ (if they're decent ones). A squirt of grease can save a lot of aggro.

Where is the oil leak - it's a Land Rover you'll need to be specific as most things are supposed to leak!

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Agree with whats been said. Having been in a truck recently where the front transfer box bearings broke up I would suggest that this fits very well with the symtoms you describe. Whwn checking UJs and gearbox play it is important to do so on the flat with the handbrake off otherwise the wieght of ther vehicle on the drivetrain can mask the effects of many loose bits.

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many thanks guys, if its kk to post a pic here i will get a pic this afternoon, as i am thinking either one of 2 things, the sliding prop is not sliding or the bearings are shot, but will defo take a pic, and the oil leak is from to me looks like its running past a seal that would be in the transfer box end (front).

yep guys i am new LR and like all gooduns mine leaks lol :D :D

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the metal collar is just a dust shield the drive flange has not come away

the leak is just a L/R feature of a seal gone(blocked breather?)

the link below shows a pic of mine


check the UJ itself for movement

Just jumping in with a question here, I have similar weeping on my diff as well, is there any way to check the breather (very sandy here), short of repalcing it? Does it harden and deteriorate with age?

ok. it was 2 questions :o

Thanks T

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yep got your pm ,buddy many thanks, as an update , i have driven it 3 times today and no noise, yet drove it twice yesterday 1st was kk, 2nd on return it started and stopped before i got home, i am doing alot of beach work, with sand and saltwater, and hosedown top to bottom and under neath after every encounter with the horrid stuff, i am thinking maybe its sabnd related ??? poss ??? as its intermitant

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