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Are the rear seats in a 2001 SE7 safe?


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We are getting ready to purchase a 2001 Disco SE7 mainly because we have 3 kids and like the idea of the extra jump seats. I had an old 96' with the inward facing jump seats, I wouldn't ever put my kids in those. However we would like our daughter to ride in the back, probably often. Does anyone have any input on how safe the forward facing rear seats are in the 2001 SE7s?



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as Mr Bogmonster says, they should be safe enough but i would want to sit there.

good novelty sale point on the disco`s,

but never felt that someone sitting in the load space was going to be say,

rear end shunts or skid out of control and the most important fact, you cant nick the sweets of the kids when they are that far back


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