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Decent 12V vacuum cleaner


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Hardly hardcore fab - but what the heck.

Is there such a thing as a decent 12V vacuum cleaner ?

My 240v workshop vac has died

The new Dyson in the house is very unwiedly

The little rechargeable dustbuster we've got is useless.

Be nice just to plug something into the fag lighter - rather than drag a 240V from the house.

Any recommendations ?


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I just get the feeling that whilst you may get answers you may just regret this post :hysterical:

Anyway, serious question, does the hover need to be colour coded for either Moglite or "The Suit" ?

Nige :P

I'm old enough and ugly enough to take the flak :lol:

Colour - no preference, but an anti-slip rubber coating is always a useful thing to have...........

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How about, buy an old 240v vac that fits the bill size & weight wise - then change the 240v motor for an old starter motor? Ford Starters are pretty small (beans can sized).

That could yield a vac that will give Jez's 'friend' a run for her money!


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