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Defender 2007 speed restrictor

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I seems that over here the new Defender 2.4 has a built-in speed restrictor, limiting top speed to 137 km/h (85 mph).

Does anybody know if this goes for all new Defenders or if it's a local 'problem'.

It does not seem logical to invest in noise reduction and comfort but limit the top speed to below that of a TD5.

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personally I think doing 100mph in something with the handling qualities of a Defender is a bit of a dumb idea though...


Besides, I understand some people have allegedly been able to travel faster than an indicated 80 odd without any additional tinkering at all :ph34r:

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The limiter on the new defender is 131kmh/82mph or 140kmh/87mph depending on the tyre size fitted.

The system recives a speed signal from the tranceponder on the gearbox and is sent to the instrument cluster.

From the instrument cluster it is sent to the engine ecu via high speed CAN network , as soon as the engine ecu recives the signal it enables full power.

The limiter is set on all ROW or EU cars as the above there is one country that aparently does not have it functional which im still working on.

There is also a couple of cars doing there rounds with this function OFF due to the fact that the limiter was not compleately programmed correctly when the car came out of PDI mode.

Ive made a speed signal defeate box that will enable more top end power BUT it gives a false reading to the dash to enable this.

Im still working on the final product for the total limiter removal which ive managed but it still has a calibration fault that im re writing into the ecu and the dash.

Its not as simple as cutting a wire in afraid, ive spent 3 and a 1/2 months and done 8,000 miles of testing, 3,000miles of it on the dyno datalogging while connected to a multi channel oscilloscope while ive been finalising the tuning the engine ecu and testing on the speed limiter.

If you remove the speed sensor wire from the gearbox the ecu does not recive its signal and cuts power , if you remove the dash the car wont start and if you cut the CAN wires going to the engine ecu you loose the dash functions like the temp guage battery charge light etc etc.

The data is stored inside this processer which is in the engine ecu, ive removed this and reprogramed this chip many many times.

As you can see from the picture this has 144 pins to solder on/off every time, this is why its taking some cracking due to the time scale needed to make one basic test or adjustment.

Basicly this system is hard to crack , but i wont give up :)

Regards Pete

just to add if any of you work at landrover , the wireing diagrams for the speed sensor and the instrument cluster are wrong on the GTR site :)


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Thx for the replies guys!

I'm certainly not one the use a Defender as a racecar (have a nice Range 4.6 for that :ph34r: ), but I fail to see any logic for the speed limiter.

My TD5 did 90 mph or so on a couple of occasion, it's always nice to be able to when you want to.

As a few have commented on the Belgian forum, why don't they limit the white vans as well?

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