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I was checking through the Discoverys oils/water etc this morning and had a look at the air filter. I was amazed at the amount of moths, bees, flies and god knows what there was lodged in there, the airbox was over half full under the filter! I had to take the box out to get it emptied, the damn dustbuster wouldn't get it all out :(

Might be worth anyone else with a Safari snorkel having a look at theirs!

Will :)

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i've seen a bit of a pair of old tights stuck over the pipe where the snorkel head goes on to combat this.

i think it had to be emptied reasonably often, but it probably a bit easier.

not sure how much air flow it restricted, but if you pull them tight enough it would probably be ok.

fialing that, some tutu mesh might suffice to keep the big nasties out.

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