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Can somone confirm if RTC4741 is a vented or non vented fuel cap ?

IIRC, grey caps are non vented, am i right ?

I needed to replace the one from my landy, as i broke it, and wanted to get a geniune, non leaky one, So as mum was off work today, she went to the stealership, armed with my list of requirments (2 pin, locking, vented, black), and came home with a grey RTC4741 and £41 lighter :o

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I got that from Paddocks site, not the best source i know :lol:

my vent pipe goes from the top of the tank, to just under the cap on the neck as you've described.

you need RTC4740, otherwise fitting a non-vented one is gonna cause all sorts of problems.

there's a small ball valve inside the cap workings that lets in vent.

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Guest diesel_jim
So i'll send it back and ask for STC4072.

Just out of interest, how does the tank vent, with a non vented cap ?

and where is the vent in the cap? as i'll pull this one apart to double check.

A mate in his V8 90 had a non vented cap and "vent Kit" fitted.

it consisted of a T piece to attach where the little thin pipe is just inside the filler cap, than a l;ength of pipe vent up to the roof (truck cab) and hooped over on itself.

so the tank could vent through the pipe, but not leak unless the 90 was ay very silly angles (which it often was.... Bruce Stidsons 90... remember Pete-bathtub?)

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