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Hi All,

Does anyone know how to mount an air con pump onto a 200tdi Defender engine? I know where it supposed to go, but im not sure how to do it. I did a search and found someone who was fitting a york compressor, but not an air con pump.

And help would be appreciated!



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Guest diesel_jim

My 200 used to have the cast mouting "lugs" but no holes in them. i drilled them so that i could mount a second alternator.

just mark the center of the 4 lugs accuratelyl, then drill down them and run a tap in there. you'll eventually need to use a blind tap to get thread to the bottom of the hole.


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you'll need to centre mark/drill/thread the 4 cast post on the timing case as D_J has said ^^^^^

the parts you need are below

Thanks for that! Really helpful!

Can anyone tell me where the mounting lugs are? A picture would be handy, i assume they are between the injector pump and the block on the timing case. I found two of them i think, but they have bolts going through them which hold the timing cover to the timing case. Is this right?

Thanks very much


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Hi all

I want to do this on my 200tdi as well, I have the defender version of the engine as well.

Amongst my parts somewhere I have a air con pump and brackets that came off a discovery 200tdi engine (was going to be fitted to my discovery 200tdi engined 101fc but the location of the gear linkage brackets means I will have to custom make the brackets for that)

So question does anyone know if these will fit the defender engine and if so how the belts would need to be routed?



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