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Disco II calipers on a Disco 1


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While looking around the scrappy today, I spotted a set of Disco II front calipers. I had not realised that they were so bloody sexy!! The calipers have two as opposed to four moving pistons. The two moving pistons are mounted as usual and act against one brake pad. The opposing brake pad seems to be rigidly mounted on a floating carrier assy that slides on two carrier rods. It works like a four pot caliper but only uses two pots. Probably a very bad description...

The possibilities for leakage, sticking have been cut in half, and with less fluid to move I'm guessing that pedal feel will be improved. Does anyone know whether these calipers are a bolt on fit to Disco I axles?


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Doubt they will fit a earlier vehicle, IMHO the normal 4 piston calipers are just great & probably more common & easier to get seals/parts for when needed.

You are probably right, but the mechanical bling bug got me for a while there... Porche red and such an elegant design... It isn't that I need them - I just wanted to find justification to fit them... Ah well... <_<

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