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Hi Listmates,

I have sourced a TD4 Diesel engine to fit in my 1.8 petrol Freelander. Is the gearbox the same or do I need the one from the TD4 vehicle?

Anything else I need to be concerned about apart from a return line to the tank & glow-plug circuit?

Cheers Stewart

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No the 1.8 K series has a Rover PG1 gearbox and the Td4 has a Getrag box I think, it certainly isn't the same.

You will need a ton of electronics to make the Td4 engine stand any chance of running, plus you will need to get all the immobiliser circuits working correctly. I have no idea where you'd start and it isn't a job I would like to do myself, the Td4 is a complicated little motor!

A list of what will not cause you problems will be a good deal shorter than a list of what will cause you problems!

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blimey your brave Stew, I wouldn't have a clue how to make it run once it was fitted [if it can be] reckon mounts & loads of other bits will be needed too, be easier to sell the 1.8 Freebie & Td4 engine & buy another diesel powered Freebie.

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The only way it could be possible is a way I came very close to doing.

I nearly bought a whole front half of a V6 freelander accident damaged(cut through the floor pan and roof as it would be illeagl to put back on the road so it gearenteed the breakers yard it could never go back on the road)

so I had the loom and the engine box and IRd drive shafts etc all together with the ECU's and that was going to cost around £2k but this was in 2004 the values have dropped loads since then.

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