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Another tailgate problem


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Hi Guys,

Another Newbie question here.

I have a problem with my yr 2000 5-door Freelander. The tailgate window drops when I operate the handle, but the door won't open. Is there any way to get in to the lock mechanism without removing the door? I'm presuming that I can remove the hinge-pins & lift the door off?


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Thanks Bog Monster, only problem is I can't figure out how to remove the rear panel while the door is closed. Catch 22?

Regards, Stew

I think you can get to the lock by taking off the interior trim. Not sure about the hinge pins, but I doubt it is as easy as it sounds!
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that one sounds tricksy, can scan you the book of lies section for taking off the door trims to get to the locks, i was reading it t'other day cos i need to do the regulator .... which i still havent phoned my supplier for a price on :D

tho the trim removal looks straightforward

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