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Brake Caliper up-grade

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Somebody here must have done this – what fits on to an early 200 TDI (pre 93) hub?

Is it possible to fit later type vented disc calipers STC1266/7 in place of RTC5572/3 earlier solid disc calipers?

The later mounting bolts are FTC3375 M12 x 35mm the earlier ones are AFU1031; I assume these are imperial but I have not measured them, dose any one know the dia & thread type?

Or would the centre spacer and longer assembly bolts from a junk vented caliper fit between the two halves of a good earlier type solid disc caliper? are the threads in the halves different from early to late type?



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No......... not fitted a disc braked rear axle yet, I am just collecting all the parts and will do the whole thing at the same time.

The Existing front calipers have been rebuilt, new pistons etc and fitted with EBC Green pads.

Also replaced the hoses with braided stainless.

Is there much in the way of improved performance with the rear disc's? other than no drums to fill up with muddy water.

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Yes, the later vented calipers will fit, just use the existing bolts to attach to hub. the non vented caliper half bolts won't be long enough 7 wrong thread to convert your existing calipers.

still collecting bits for my rear brake conversion to disc, need to find some 90/110 front hubs, disc's & backplates.

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I just bought a spacer kit when I converted my 90 to vented discs, I had rebuilt the calipers & fitted braided hoses only a year or so before and just fancied the vented items so the spacer kit was the easiest option for me.

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I would vouch that you don't need to go vented apart from for the pose value. I've got solid discs on the front of the Discovery racer and suffer no fade problems (apart from when I've failed to bed the pads in properly, which happened on the first stage of the Scottish Hillrally.)

What there is on the front of the racer is the larger 110 calipers. I used EBC green stuff all round.

Regular heavy breaking from 80+ mph doesn't cause any problems.


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