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3 Phase Switches


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Yo y'all.

Who knows where to get a 3 phase switch sorted for my lathe? It has a big bugger of a switch, but I can't seem to find out why the fuggin thing won't work. Literally - it just won't let me press the damn button. It just refuses to budge. I can't see any internal blockage, so whats the deal? Is there a source of new switches and whats the deal...? It loos properly complex to wire up. Any pointers? I'll try to post pics in a few days if this gets no interest...

Cheers for all suggestions.

Al. :)

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Usually the lathe manuals have a good wiring diagram. On my colchester the termibal no's on the wiring diagram were even engraved onto the bakelite on the switch gear. Makes tracing the wiring easy. Suggest you start there.

Out of curiosity are you lucky enough to have 3 phase??


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Thanks for the replies guys. There is a foot-pedal, yes. Mechanically it connects to a brake inside the pulley housing. I hadn't considered a connection to the switch, I'll check it out.

Here's the offending article. I think the actual plasticy switch buttons are a bit screwed. Anyone recognise it, or have a spare?



The back of the red button seems to be bust, its circlip is AWOL & it hardly slides at all when you push it.



Any further pointers...? :unsure:

B reg 90 - 'lucky' is a relative term. I'm 'lucky' enough to have paid for 3 phase if thats what you mean! ;) See my post if you're interested:


Cheers, Al.


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It looks a pretty standard switch unit, try www.rswww.com -they normally hold just about anything electrical, failing that, try an electrical contractors locally, theny ou can pick and choose and get some advice at the same time ;)

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