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Fitting FIA Battery switch

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Well gradually moving on with The Beastie's modest transformation and decided that a proper battery cut off would have benefits. It has just been delivered from VWP and I am now puzzling the niceties of installing it.

Several people have mentioned benefit of upgrading the main battery cables which do look a bit slender so presumably go to 170 amp or should it be to 300 amp? Also I presumably replace entire existing battery cable run to first point of contact from battery terminal - once I have tracked it down.

Next question involves cable sizes, colours and where I get them. The spur feed from the main feed circuit (presumably the big red battery cable) to terminal one can presumably come direct from the main power output from the switch (edited) but what sort of wire should it be - presumably still red but how heavy does it need to be. The other side of terminal one goes to the ballast resistor which then goes to earth - still needing heavy cable??

Then the leads for terminal 2 involve the ignition switch on one side and the ignition coil on the other (according to the leaflet) - do I hijack and existing cable and add a "divert" through the switch? If so what sort of gauge wire and also what colours am I looking for. Also, forgive if I am being stupid but do diesel engines have ignition coils? I though that was to power up spark plugs??

Finally where to put it? I have seen various comments on positioning but am taken with the idea of sort of hiding it since it is likely to be more value to me as an anti-theft. My imagination must be dodgy but I cannot see where one might hide it. I also will have to cut through my Wrights Off Road seat box cover somewhere so would prefer to get it right first time. Can anyone give, or PM me if more secure, some ideas? I currently have a cubby box instead of middle seat but there does not seem to be huge amounts of room alongside it. Any thoughts most appreciated

Thanks and best wishes


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Thanks Tony

I had seen that thread and it was what prompted me to go out and get one, but it still assumes too much electrical knowledge for me :huh: - hence my additional (elementary - like what current flow so as to get correct wire thickness) questions.

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OK. My projects move slow ...

I have got switch now and am looking for what extra bits I need before actually fitting it. Fed up with not being able to finish since I don't have a big enough ring connector or whatever!

First of all is the second wire into the switch (fuel solenoid feed) the thickish brown wire that comes directly off the battery post and runs sort of parallel to the main red battery cable? It looks as though it might be 50 amp cable. If this is right then I will need to get a length to run to the switch. It also makes it look an easier job.

Second I saw mention of upgrading battery cables. Mine would appear to be about 12mm outside diameter, including insulation. According to VWP catalogue that looks like 300 amp cable. Is it worth taking it up to 415 amp cable at 14.5mm outside diameter?

If changing cable it looks like I need about 2m red and 1m black - does this seem right. I cannot quite see where the red cable goes without jacking The Beastie up and poking around. Likewise the black cable but I think that must hook on around gearbox and hopefully accessible if I take cubby box out. ALso presumably the screw fit clamps and soldered rings will suffice - it seems a bit OTT to buy heavy duty crimps for once only use.

Third I have been thinking more about location and feel going from the battery box, as most people do seem to do, is right approach since it will make shorter runs for cable. I can cut hole and then also through my Wrights Off Road matting (memo to self - try for once to be neat!!!) Also if removing cubby box to get at centre panel then having all that cable around would be problematic. Makes sense?

Thanks for the protracted help


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