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Slightly dodgy motor!

Les Henson

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I was given a 1967 S2A a while ago and it's been sat on the front of my house for quite a while while I decide what I want to do with it. I did notice that it has two chassis plates - one on the inside of the bulkhead by the transmission tunnel cover, and one on the back of the front panel - as in a S3, it also has the chassis number stamped in the usual place close to the O/S/F dumb iron. I decided to check the numbers against those on the vehicle today and it looks like the truck is actually a S3 with a S2A exempt registration.

Log book says:-

Registration mark - MFL 111F

Date of first registration - 19/12/1967

Make - Land Rover

Model/type - 88" - 4 CYL

Light 4X4 Utility

Historic Vehicle

2286 CC

VIN/Chassis No. - 271087540

Engine number - 27143012J

So on the vehicle:-

Chassis (on the chassis) - 90625466A

Plate inside vehicle - 27108754D

On front panel - 99625466A

Engine number - S90600863C

So, not at all legal on the road and it's going in the bin now. If anyone is interested in any bits off it - let me know. As long as it can still roll onto the back of a wagon to get it down the tip.

It has a Fairey O/D on it, but the lever is broken where it pivots on the little shaft that sticks out of the main unit.


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Les; could you post some photos of it up? I need some odd bits for my 68IIa. If you part it out, I'd love to make a list up. Is the bulkhead the proper IIa? I have been looking for the complete opening/operating levers for the bulkhead vents. I bought new vents for my truck, but have none of the hardware to open and close them. Also, if yours has a deluxe bonnet, I need all of the parts to put the spare tire on the bonnet. I have the large round dish plate, but none of the bolts, and hardware.

On a funnier note; now you know why it was given to you. If the price is too good, it's probably too good to be true.

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Guest diesel_jim

/homer voice/

Hmmm.... milf..... :ph34r::ph34r:

(Mods... feel free to delete this if it's below the belt...so to speak....

Christ... only a JCB could dig a hole further than i'm making here..)

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