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Steering box adjustment

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on the top is a large nut slacken this off about 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn should do & use the centre allen key bolt to take up the adjustment -- don't go to far or it'll be to much, then retighten the outer nut without moving the centre bolt,

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It's best to do this with the front wheels off the ground. Adjust it as Ralph says and turn the steering from lock to lock occasionally to make sure there are no tight spots or you are over adjusting it. Steering wheel free play for the MOT is 75mm maximum. A worn drop arm ball joint will also give you excessive free play in the steering.


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Wow, thought me steering was a bit sloppy. An inital 1/2 turn, then further 1/4 has tightened up the steering like you wouldn't believe. The 6mm Allen bolt was easier to get to with a Allen bolt that fitted a socket set with an extension piece on. The 19mm bolt took some shifting initially - obviously not moved for a while.

Another tip - after you have finished stick some grease in the top of the Allen bolt hole to stop any muck getting in there.


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