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series door seals?


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My S2A restoration has been on the back burner for a few years and i want to restart it over the next few weeks.

Project was left off at the point of trying to get a new pair of Bearmach doors to fit properly. I have tried original LR seals and even a softer compound set from LR Orphanage, but i still can't get the door to close properly. The hinges are the S3/defender type and these are new versions of the same type that came off the old doors.

Anyone found a decent solution to this problem?



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I've got the same problem as you Nige. I even measured the doors because I thought they were the wrong size. The seals are same as gen items (with the steel strip inside), and you have to cut them to fit. The door is tight in the hole and some force is needed to close it. A thin film of vaseline or similar lets the door close a little easier, but I guess the seals have to settle in or something before the door closes properly.


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