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Hello converted l/R owner .


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Hi to every one .

Hvae just brought my first landy td5 ser 2 2001 and i am so pleased with it, i never thought i would change from being a pajero follower for 3 years( which we are still trying to sell the thing.)

I was allways worried that the L/R were allways farmers vehicles and were no good for the 2.4 family but after taking the plunge and luckly geeting a bit a finance to buy its brillllllllll. and it also can tow our 22 ft sports cruiser boat.

The only that does pee me off is: i love to keep my cars spotless in and out and you will never see a bit of mud on my L/R becuase its for the family and especially towing a 2 ton boat so i need that power,but the look people give us when driving, "and you can here them muttering he dosent need that thing pullating the world" yes i polish my vehicle monthly yes i gloss the tire walls and every thing else i do . but its in a better condition than some newer cars i have seen and it dosent smoke a bit

I love the td5 to bits best car ever brought to date and i hope the world will be filled with many many more .





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a lot of people will say "yer get it in the mud mate, its what its built for" but as soon as you do they will say "look at that idiot must have more money than sense"

personly i have a disco which i also polish every couple of weeks & a 90 which is a offroader ( but i polish it now & again) :D

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welcome to Land Rover ownership you'll love it!!

One of the great things about LR vehicle owners is we all have our own take on it and our own uses...I'd be a bit careful of dunking the back end into salt water tho aluminium & steel doesn't need any encouraging to corrosion :huh:

enjoy the forum



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Keep it for more than 6 years and your total carbon footprint will be lower than if you bought a new Micra every 3, I reckon...

In my case my 17 year old RRC is getting close to 100% recycle material * ;)


* I am currently cutting out the sound bits of the replaced rear cross member to use as patches for the holes in the chassis.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

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