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heater plug resister help!


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I've just finished installing the engine in my project series 3 and am having problems with the heater plug resister.

Have cleaned and then checked all plugs and wiring with test lamp and all are fine.

I have replaced the resister with another (neither new) with no joy. Both look to be in good condition.

On my daily drive there is a blue/white wire which is shown as being connected to one of the terminals'. When I connect this

the cold start light does not start to illuminate dimly as it should.

When this wire is disconnected the light illuminates brightly indicating a earth fault.

I've checked the earths and all seem fine. It has me puzzled.

All advice welcomed.


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I believe that on one side of the resistor should be two brown&red wires, one of which is quite thick and connects to your starter switch. The thinner one connects to one side of the warning light.

On the other side of the resistor plug, should be the blue&white wire connecting to your warning bulb. And a thicker wire connecting to the first of your heater plugs.

If that's all fine then I'd ask the following questions:

Do you ever end up with a 12V supply to the terminal which connects to the plugs?

Is the warning light housing all insulated okay, and not earthing anywhere?

If you disconnect both warning light terminals from the resistor, is there continuity between the two (0 ohm resistance)?

And is there continuity between either of these terminals and the earth?

(may think of some more later)

Also you didn't mention as to whether or not the glow plugs work, any idea on this?


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