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winch eletrickery solenoid question


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afternoon all,

I am rubbish at electrical things so bear with me if this question seems fairly obvious... :rolleyes:

over the weekend my winch started playing up it would winch in but not out. the solenoid clicked when trying to pay out but no movement from the winch motor... so i opened up the solenoid pack and clean all the connections etc... and still no joy on the unwind operation

so i swapped over the leads form one solenoid to the other and the winch would now winch out (but not in) i think this proves that one of the solenoid is knacked...

so my main question is.... every one tells me to get Albright solenoids as they are sealed against the crud/mud, will one of these replace the 2 solenoid that are currently in my solenoid pack?

thanks for any input

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One Albright will indeed do the job of all the solenoids in your current pack (either 2 or 4)..

I have the superwinch copy of an Albright (half the price) on a 9500lb T-max and i use it very sucsessfully for winching small tractors out of bogs... they have got wet and dirty and are still faultless

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