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How to change a lightbulb?


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Does anyone know how to change the lightbulb on the number plate lamp, for a series IIA military land rover? (the type which can be rotated 180 degrees to hide the light)



Unscrew the back of the fitting. You should see a large knurled ring where the wires go in. Unscrew that and the bulb holder will come with it.

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Hmmm, my bulb holder seems to come out part way, but the bulb itself is too large to pass through the hole. Is it likely someone has fitted a bulb which is too large?

I'll have a look at my trailer tomorrow, mine unscrewed of its own accord but no bulb, maybe it's still inside! :rolleyes:

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Guest diesel_jim

My sankey has the same light on it, as you look at the front of it (the bit that you turn to make the light aperture smaller) there are 3 small screws in a 120 degree pattern.

just undo these and the whole top comes off.

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