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Witter towbar mounted cycle carrier

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Had two of these for ages, one is for a standard car (vertical pole) the other is from my 1995 Disco which had when new (bent bar and bracket).

The disco's been long gone, and as I swapped my Renault Espace for a 110 Td5, I wanted to put the 4x4 bracket on...

First problem the foot was nowhere to be found, so made one up with some steel tube and a towbar spacer. Then found out that there are two 4x4 versions, and I had the one with the smaller bend, and not the large bends for a defender with 275/65's..

Wanted a NAS towbar/step to push the towbar away from the back of the car enough, but not able to get one yet, so out came the angle grinder and welder...


Anyone else got any suggestions (apart from buying a new cycle carrier!) for rear mounted cycle carriers...

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You can get them to fit on the spare wheel now. A few years ago when I had Fronteras before 4x4 carriers where thought of, I used a standard one lashed to the spare wheel. It took 3 bikes to the South of France and back :)


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Pendle do a Land Rover version which fits over the towball or, with an adapter, enables the towball to be used as well.

I've had mine for about 8 months and have taken my 3 bikes on holiday a few times. It's well worth the £100 I paid from my local cycle shop.


Mine easily fits round the standard spare and will easily accomodate large tyres. It holds 4 bikes.

I usually buy a few extra straps which I use to secure the bikes to the rack, and the rack to the little handles on the rear crossmember. Works for me.

The only downside (for me anyway) is that my spare as fitted to the door is off-centre. The right-hand leg therefore sits directly under the lowest point of the wheel and so doesn't have enough room to fit in the towball bracket. I loosen the bracket nuts a bit, swing the bracket round on the 'ball, insert the leg and swing back and tighten again. Bit of an arse to do but I've no choice unless I had my 'ball lowered a bit.

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I've just been on holiday to France with a spare mounted cycle carrier. The thing to be careful about is that on a Defender the spare is very close to the door / rear wiper arm so a 'standard' spare wheel mounted carrier such as the Halfords jobbie won't fit properly.

I got mine on eblag advertised as a defender fit and it did sterling service.

I'll upload a picture in a bit.

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I used to have a Spare Wheel mounted carrier, but after it collapsed for the second time I decide to try something different.



It's a Simbars Discovery Bike 'modded' to fit my Pivlock.

Attached by the 2 Wheel studs, & 3 M6 bolts (just to make sure it stays on!)

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