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TD5 Fuel Pump


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When I turn on the ignition on my TD5 DII, the fuel pump starts and keeps running. Is this normal. I'm sure it used to come on and then stop after it had primed the fuel system. Ciould this be a sign of the pump failing. The car drives OK but sometimes it feel's smoother with more power than other times!!.


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It should go off after about 30 sec if the engine is not running, though I think some of the later ones might be longer maybe 5 min? :unsure: have you had the engine ECU replaced lately?

It should run all the time once the engine is started though.

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Could be your fuel pump giving insufficient pressure. BUT before you change it get your fuel pump pressure checked. It should be 4 bar / 60 psi at the engine. If it is incorrect it could be the pressure relief valve on the side of the engine that is stuffed. These are much cheaper than a new pump. If you have air in the system, it could be injector washers or o-rings. This again is cheaper than a new pump. Air in the system will cause your pump to keep going rather than switching off, though they all switch off eventually.

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