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Found some big tyres


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OK as you do when not much else on you trawl the great flea market on the web. so how about these

bay of disarray

I think realistically once you get over 44 inches in diameter you may as well go for an agricultural tractor tyre which would be considerably cheaper and probably lighter. It's not as if Plod would allow you to drive a Landy sized vehicle on the road with tyres that big, so speed rating, handling and tread life on sealed roads is not important.


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I think I'll retract my last remark and stick to me 33'' MT's :D

They'd look nice on the Green 1 :D :D . I'm sure er indoors wouldn't mind to much. Just need a small box to use as a step ;) ;) ;)

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Jez , how many on here do you think actually realise how big they are :o

Just collecting them would be a problem for most people. Your not exactly going to get them in the back of a 90 now are you! :huh:

Even your average SWB panel van could only squeeze a couple of them in comfortably. :blink:

Paul. :)

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