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Rear Light intensities


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what does a vehicle need to pass a commercial SVA?

does it have to have 2 stop lights?

does it have to have 2 lit lights for when the headlights are on- can these be the same lights as the stop lights?

obviously 2 turn lights

1 white reversing light

1 fog light- does this have to be a minimum intensity?

just trying to work out what i can get away with light wise for the back of the truck!

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test content would have thought road lights to comply with normal road vehicle regs & upto normal MOT test standard

brake/tail can be combined with dual filament bulbs 5w/21w as per 90/110 style

indicators 21w

reverse light not greater than 21w

rear fog 21w

those are the normal wattage for factory built vehicles.

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Be aware for SVA that they will also look for side repeaters on the wing, that have to be seen from a degree of angles, ie not obscured by bodywork, and on the outer 'extremes' of the vehicle.

To explain what i mean, on a lotus seven replica they need to be on the front cycle wing as opposed to on the main body tub. Hope that makes sense.

As an aside, the manual should explain all this, but if you want other sources of info the kitcar mags cover sva alot too.

Hope that helps.

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Managed to put my bowler through a commercial SVA in 2003. Had a blown bulb when i drove it off the trailer, the tester kindly pointed it out and then said "good job we don't test lights for a commercial test".

Never tested any lighting and he still passed it :rolleyes::D

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As has just been said, lights don't get tested on a commercial SVA. Not sure if you could turn up with no lights at all, but quite possibly!

Try and borrow a copy of the SVA testers manual (or buy one) and have a look. The "Car" section is about 50 pages long. The commercial part takes up about 3 pages.

tid ;)

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