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Stainless braided fuel hose?


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Does anyone know of a good (read cheap) internet based or south/south west england based supplier of this stuff as it seems rediculously expensive or cheap loqw quality carp!

Merlin Motorsport at Castle Coombe. Don't go for the PTFE stuff (for racers only - must be lined with solid gold), but rather the rubber lined variety. I have just redone my 110 V8 with it for about £40.

Its not shown on their online shop, you have to ring them & explain what you want - but they are very helpful & delivery is fast.

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^^^^^ don't listen to them, they are all wrong! :P

cheapest, and I did loads of reasearch, is Vehicle Wiring Products; mail order and internet.

I plumbed my lightweight v8 with 6 mm and 8 mm hose - the proper stuff, not hose and covering - about 4+ years ago and have had no problems with it. Make sure you buy the rubber end bits (fits over both 6 and 8 mm) and the hose clips, all from the same place, much cheapness. :)

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