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Coolant level warning diagram


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I've a very leaky rad, that is being recored on Friday, but it reminded me of a job I've been wanting to do.

I remember seeing ages ago, someone did up a coolant level warning diagram using the expansion cap from a Range Rover I think, as it fits the defender expansion tank??? . Anyone have a part number?

This was then fed to a very small relay (and not a standard one for some reason) from some online supplier, with a part number.

Anyone remember the full details?

Thought I'd saved the pic, but obviously not :angry:

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There are two caps with a level switch in. One for the plastic header tank as you have shewn Ralph.

Then there is another one for the metal Range Rover tank. That could be PRC 5077. Please check.

What is not available from Lad Rover is the interface. Unless somebody knows different.

I and many others have looked for that interface, me for two years, others a little less.

Tim made an interface to suit both caps. Not only did he make the interface but he very kindly put the wiring diagram up on www.difflock.com.

Not much you might think but it is Tims bread and butter.


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I am the one Mike was referring to with his link to Difflock. BTW I've not had anything to do with muddyweb.co.uk.

This thread has all the details you need to fit a coolant level sensor to a 300Tdi engine. The only bit I am supplying is the interface module; you will need to acquire the special cap (LR part: PRC7925) and whatever alarm you want be it a buzzer or lamp, etc. As you can see I used a spare lamp on the Defender warning lamp cluster.

As it happens the owners of Difflock haven't yet put together a kit with all the parts, which is why I'm willing to sell the module by itself. The rest is up to you. B)



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